Insurance verification is recommended to prevent write-offs and collections caused by uncovered rendered services. Traditional telephone verification is time-consuming and cumbersome. FreeClaims.com offers batch and real time online eligibility confirmation of patient insurance and benefit coverage which reduces or eliminates expensive write-offs and collections. Simply enter patient information or search for a previously submitted patient request to receive immediate responses containing insurance coverage. Batch verification is available for some payers with fast response turn around.

Electronic Claims

Electronic claims significantly reduce the amount of time a practice or provider is paid for their services. Electronic claims are received by the payer and processed in about half the time it takes to process paper claims. Avoiding the mail system, an electronic claim can arrive at a carrier's office within 24 hours and be ready for adjudication and paid by their processing systems. In addition, electronic claims can be scrubbed and checked for data errors reducing time and cost of re-filing claims with missing information.

HCFA Printing

FreeClaims.com provides HCFA printing and mailing services to payers unable to receive claims electronically. Our HCFA print processing options guarantee reliable and accurate mailings saving time and cost


Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) is an electronic form of your paper Explanation of Benefits. ERA reduces administrative tasks creating increased efficiency which means you can dedicate more time to patients and less time to paper. FreeClaims.com Electronic Remittance service provides you with unlimited ERA for a flat rate per month. Data is instantly accessible and available in both a readable format and ANSI 835 format. Many billing systems will allow you to post payments automatically, eliminating tedious and time consuming data entry. Visit our Links and Resources page to view additional services which complement your payment, deposit, data reporting, posting and paper EOB conversion needs

Patient Statements

Use FreeClaims.com to mail your statements and benefit by saving time and cost. Our statement processing options guarantee reliable and accurate mailings. In addition to these savings, realized benefits include:

  • Reduce your overhead
  • Save staff time
  • Get your billing out on time
  • Speed collection of receivables

Practice Management Software

The Claimstronic Practice Management System enables the physician's office to deliver more efficient care by keeping vital patient demographic, financial, and scheduling information at staff fingertips. It is an intuitive system that automates common processes, is easy to learn, and simple to use. Claimstronic supports Total Patient Care from the moment the patient calls for an appointment through the filing of the insurance claim. When the office is automated with a system like Claimstronic, staff is freed up for patient care, and the information maintained improves patient communications. The system also provides physicians with comprehensive financial reports.

Claimstronic software can be used to manage a single physician's office or a group practice with multiple specialties. It allows office staff to maintain patient information, perform scheduling, print Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) forms, print statements, and transmit electronic claims. It also has an interface to the FreeClaims.com for seamless electronic preparation and submittal of insurance claims.

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